Carpet Cleaner Rentals in Richmond, VA

Carpet Cleaner RentalsStained and dirty carpets are a thing of the past with deep-cleaning carpet machines from Willett Vaccum. For years now, we’ve made it easy and convenient for Richmond homeowners and businesses rent our dry carpet cleaning machines at terrific prices.

For more than 50 years, the HOST® Dry Carpet Cleaning System has been the premier dry extraction system on the market. For use in both residential and commercial settings, HOST works better than hot water or steam methods. And, since it is a dry process, you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning – meaning zero downtime.

Features of the HOST Carpet Cleaning System:

  • Deep cleans your rugs and carpets by dissolving, trapping and absorbing dirt.
  • Immediately removes spots and spills.
  • Reduces allergens and improves indoor air quality.
  • Lifts the carpet pile with powerful vacuuming action.
  • Zero downtime – you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning.
  • Safe, nontoxic and biodegradable.

The HOST cleaning system uses millions of tiny, absorbent sponge-like particles that contain trace amounts of water and cleaning agents. These particles deep-clean your rugs and carpets by dissolving and trapping greasy, oily dirt. HOST offers a better clean, and the environmental benefits make it the system of choice!

Richmond Carpet Cleaner Rentals

HOST Dry-Clean Machine Rental: $16.95 per business day (Ex: Rent Monday at 2pm return Tuesday at 2pm.)
If rented on Saturday return date is the following Monday.

HOST Carpet Cleaner Rental Products & Prices
6 lbs HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner: $24.95
Spot Remover: $5.95
Pre-Clean: $7.95

Customers are amazed at how much dirt our Host System removes from carpets – even after they’ve had their carpets cleaned by a professional service.

For more information, call us at 804-270-1714 or visit us at our Richmond, Virginia store.