Making the Right Choice for Your Home and Budget

You don’t think about it, but when it’s works right, a vacuum cleaner keeps your home clean and comfortable. It just works, and you don’t even think about it. But, like any appliance, vacuums will experience breakdowns from the wear and tear of regular use. Overheating can can lead to burnt-out motors or other components failing prematurely.

Repairing a vacuum cleaner is usually not expensive. Repair cost depends on the specific problem and the time it takes to fix. But if problems keep coming up, eventually you’ll wonder if you should keep repairing your current vacuum or to just spend the money to replace it.

If you are at that point of decision, consider the following:

What type of vacuum do you have?

Before diving into the repair-or-replace dilemma, consider the vacuum you currently own. Is it a good model? Does it have the features you need to clean your rugs, floors and furniture the way you want?

  • Brand and Model: High-quality vacuums from reputable brands tend to have better longevity and performance. If you invested in a reliable brand and model, repairing it might be a worthy option.
  • Features and Technology: Think about the features your vacuum offers. If it has unique features that are hard to find in newer models, repairing it might be more appealing.
  • Price: Reflect on how much you spent on your current vacuum. If it was an inexpensive brand or model, replacing it with a more efficient, durable model might be best.

How old is your current vacuum?

When deciding whether to repair or replace your vacuum, age often comes into play. Vacuum cleaners wear out, just like any other piece of motorized hardware. And new vacuums are often lighter and easier to maneuver around rooms than older models. Consider the following age-related points:

  • Under 5 Years Old: If your vacuum is relatively new and the repairs needed are minimal, fixing it is likely the more economical choice.
  • 5–10 Years Old: For vacuums in this age range, the decision becomes more nuanced. If it needs large repairs, like motor work, consider upgrading to a newer and more energy-efficient model.
  • Over 10 Years Old: Vacuums that have served you well for over a decade have done their job. While you may feel a sentimental attachment, consider the increased likelihood of future breakdowns and the availability of replacement parts. In this case, a new vacuum is almost always the better option.

Is it worth repairing?

Consider the problems that have lead to your vacuum breakdowns:

  • Minor Issues: If your vacuum has a broken belt or clogged filters, it’s almost always more cost-effective for a reputable technician examine and fix it.
  • Major Issues: Vacuums with significant problems, like a faulty motor or broken components, may need costly repairs. In such cases, purchasing a new vacuum could be a smarter long-term investment.

Does your vacuum cleaner perform as it should?

A vacuum isn’t performing as well as it should leads to a frustrating and time-consuming cleaning experience. If your current vac is not picking up dirt as well as it used to, ask yourself the following:

  • Suction Power: Is the suction power weaker than before? Weak suction are often due to clogs or worn-out parts. These are simple and inexpensive fixes.
  • Brush Roll Functionality: Is the brush roll working correctly? If not, it could lead to poor carpet and floor cleaning. In most cases, repairing or replacing the brush roll is a straightforward solution.
  • Noise and Smells: Unusual noises or smells can indicate underlying issues. Addressing these problems early on can prevent further damage and potential hazards.


The decision to fix or replace your vacuum depends on various factors. Consider its value, age, condition, and performance before making a choice. Quality vacuums from reputable brands, like Miele and Riccar, can have a longer lifespan and might be worth repairing. Older vacuums can lead to a cycle of costly repairs, making a new purchase a more reasonable option.

For Richmond area homeowners looking to make the most cost-effective choice, come visit Willett Vacuum. We can assess your vacuum’s condition and provide expert advice. We’ll help you navigate the repair-or-replace dilemma and ensure your home stays clean and comfortable.

Happy cleaning!

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