Kitchen Candle 7oz


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The entire Fresh Wave line features our proprietary blend of natural extracts. This combination of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedar wood safely eliminates malodors without adding a masking fragrance or harsh chemical to your environment.

Candles are the most effective way of dispensing this special odor neutralizing formula. So for active families who love to cook at home with creative ingredients, have pets and children itís the best product for eliminating odors.

A perfect gift for any gourmet cook, the Fresh Wave Kitchen candle is as beautiful as it is effective. To keep odors from fish, onions, garlic, curry and any pungent ingredient from lingering after your meal simply burn the candle during preparation and again after eating.

The 7oz. candle comes in a frosted glass that blends with any decor. Plus it will look beautiful (and be effective) anywhere you may need strong odor neutralizing: in the bathroom, your workout room, a guest room, or the library.